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Arhodidis Dimosthenis, Ph.D.
Dogra Hardeep
Elliott Tom    
Goudinakos Stratos    
Grassano Pietro      
Grigoriadis Constantinos      
Jelf Tomas      
Siokos Stavros, Ph.D.      


Topic:  Greek Private Banks vs International Private Banks:
          Pros and Cons through Empirical Evidence
Speaker: Arhodidis Dimosthenis, Ph.D.

This topic is an attempt to analyze the differences between private banking services offered by Greek banks as opposed to international private banks. The purpose is to instigate a discussion which will lead to the further improvement of private banking services offered to Greek clients

Hardeep Dogra
Topic: Global Currencies: How to gain global diversification without taking equity or bond risk in emerging and developed markets
Speaker: Dogra Hardeep

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Tom Elliott
Topic: Demographics and Investment
Speaker: Elliott Tom
Tom Elliott will be looking at the obvious, and the not so obvious, implications for investors in the face of huge demographic changes taking place around the world.
  • What is the relationship between demographics and asset classes?
  • An aging population in the West. Who will buy the baby-boomers assets? Will our equity markets become low growth, bond-like markets?
  • A growing population in the emerging markets. Is the outperformance of emerging markets supported, or undermined, by demographics?
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Topic: Sovereign Debt and Inflation
Speaker: Jelf Tomas
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Goudinakos Stratos
Topic:Global Macro Outlook
Speaker: Goudinakos Stratos

Speaker will analyze the following thoughts

  • Does Fiscal Policy drive to a Debt Bubble?
  • Are we out of the Woods yet?
  • How important are the G8 splits over financial regulation issues?
  • Has the risk of a systemic crisis diminished or not?
  • Will the strength of emerging economies in combination with the low interest rates environment in the developed ones continue to drive liquidity to China?
  • How soon would the Fed raise interest rates to offset budgetary stimulus
  • Would and/or should ECB keep its rates low as investors force governments to cut spending?
  • Is it euros' devaluation good or bad for the Euro zone?
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Grassano Pietro
Topic:"Equity in the long run and Emerging Markets Infrastructure: Pillars of a new opportunity?"
Speaker: Grassano Pietro
It is known that time horizon is a crucial element of an equity investment - provided that the right macro framework is taken into consideration. In this presentation, infrastructure investments in Emerging Markets - both opportunistic and strategic - are explored, analyzing the challenges that global investors face in the new investment paradigm.
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Grigoriadis Constantinos
Topic: Family Office: Full Control for Ultra High Net Worth Investors
Speaker: Grigoriadis Constantinos
Some of the topics that will be covered are the following:
  • What are the assets the family wants to enhance or preserve?
  • How will decisions be made concerning investments and other financial alternatives?
  • What governance structure is appropriate for the family?
  • How will the family office be owned?
  • What scope of services will be provided to the family members ?
  • How will the office be organized and managed?
  • What are the technology requirements for the office?
  • How will the family office services be paid for?
  • What can the family do to ensure the success of the office?

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Topic:Wealth Management: Lessons from the Crisis. What does the New Environment mean for HNWIs and for Financial Institutions?
Speaker: Siokos Stavros, Ph.D.
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