Wealth Management
& Family Offices in Greece

"Obstacles, opportunities and dynamics"

About the Forum

For a fourth consecutive year, Financial-Academy.eu presents the 4th Wealth Management Forum that will bring together top minds and professionals of the wealth management and private banking sector from Europe and the USA to help wealthy investors to make the most of their wealth management decisions.

The forum will provide a comprehensive networking platform for businessmen, wealthy investors, family members, professional investors & advisors and meanwhile it will deliver knowledge updates from leading industry professionals locally and abroad.

Some of the topics that participants will have the opportunity to attend and interact with the speakers of the panels are the following:

From the “Family offices” point of view
  • What is the day after in the Private Banking sector in Greece?
  • What are the new challenges that lie ahead as well as the dynamics for the high net worth investors?
  • How can a Family Office preserve its wealth for future generations?
  • What are the key components of a successful investment program?
  • How can family members be educated and commit to a common goal, defining an investment strategy and executing it well?
  • How can a family office avoid common mistakes such as not becoming too adventurous in direct investments or not having a well-defined investment strategy or paying too much fees in outsourced solutions without having appropriate transparency or control?
  • What are the latest developments and key trends including the following:
    • Attempt to build economies of scale by teaming up with other families
    • Build in-house teams by hiring experienced investment professionals off banks
    • Hire third party external advisors
  • How can a family office
    • Define a strategy that suits family needs
    • Take a long term approach
    • Build in-house teams of experienced investment professionals with common interests
    • Aim to take advantage of structural inefficiencies in the investment world (e.g. institutions or banks divesting due to regulatory reasons)
    • Reduce all-in fees and pay hedge-fund-like fees only for truly exceptional managers or clearly asymmetric opportunities
    • Get closer to the underlying assets by doing co-investments or selective direct investments
From the “Investment strategies” point of view
  • Is it the right time to invest in Equities?
  • With the strong rally in US equities, are valuations still compelling and how can you take advantage of the opportunity in US equities.?
  • Equity markets in 2014 - a contrarian view
  • What investment strategies can private investors and high net worth individuals apply to their portfolios?