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Speakers / Presentations

Cronje Stephan

FFA, Director - Cronje & Yiannas Actuaries and Consultants Ltd
Cronje StephanStephan is a Founder and Director of Cronje & Yiannas Actuaries and Consultants Ltd and a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in the United Kingdom. In addition to more traditional actuarial services, C.Y Actuaries assist institutional investors with setting appropriate investment strategies and governance processes for investment decision-making with a client portfolio in excess of EUR2bn. Stephan is also a professional trustee for a number of pension funds in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Before co-founding the company, Stephan provided actuarial consulting advice to a large number of corporate and public-sector clients in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and South Africa for more than 20 years, holding consulting positions with some of the largest actuarial consulting firms in the world.

Before co-founding the company, Stephan provided actuarial consulting advice to a large number of corporate and public-sector clients in Europe, the United States, the Middle East and South Africa for more than 20 years, holding consulting positions with some of the largest actuarial consulting firms in the world.
Diversified Growth Funds - Experience, Perspectives and the future
Diversified Growth Funds have seen a significant rise in popularity over recent years, now forming part of many, if not most, institutional or private investor investment strategies. There are important lessons for both investors and industry professionals from the actual experience with this type of investment, especially compared to expectations from investors. How these funds are positioned and marketed going forward will be critical to their success and perception from the market.

Dr. Krintas Theodore

Economist, Founder & CEO, Koubaras Ltd
Dr. Krintas TheodoreC-level executive working in finance and technology industries since 1991. Experienced in developing, growing and expanding businesses, has closely worked with some legends of both industries in Greece and enjoys the appreciation of his colleagues and peers. As an asset manager, has exceeded the €100M mark in Assets Under Management, from Greek clients, three times in his career help leading three different startups, which is a rare record. In technology, focuses in its combination with finance, strategy, M&A, team building and organizational strength. Being one among the few to having the opportunity to move between finance and technology, is currently the founder and CEO of a boutique consulting practice witch helps companies finance soundly, enhance growth and establish internationally
Robo advisory and savings culture: First seed then cultivate
Private savings in our country are negative for almost 15 years. We believe technology can offer ways to help private individuals return to saving practices and understand the benefits of such a culture. Our initiative will be the first “electronic piggy-box” with an investments component and we will present its principles.

Dr. Lazarakou Vassiliki

Partner, L&L Law Firm, Former Vice Chair of the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission
Dr. Lazarakou VassilikiDr. Vassiliki Lazarakou is an Attorney at Law, admitted both at the Athens and New York Bar Association and specialized in capital markets, banking and finance law, M&As, privatizations as well as corporate law. She is the Founding Partner of L & L Law Firm working extensively on MIFID II/ MIFIR, AML, and other capital markets issues as well as on all the aforementioned matters.

She was the First Vice-Chair of the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission (HCMC) since September 2012 and thus member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee. She was chairing the Working Group and represented the Council in relation to the adoption of the Regulation and Directive on "Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID II/ MiFIR)" and managed to reach the political agreement between the European Parliament and the Council. For this reason, she was also chairing until recently the committee for the implementation of MIFID II into Greek law, which was appointed by the Ministry of Finance. She was also the Chair of the Working Group for the Council in relation to the Regulation on "European Long Term Investment Funds (ELTIFs)" during the Hellenic Presidency when a general approach was achieved at the Council.

She was a partner of two leading law firms in Greece. Until September 2017, she was a Head Partner of KLC Law Firm and in charge of the Financial Law Group of the Firm, while, before joining the HCMC, she was a Senior Partner with Zepos & Yannopoulos law firm in Athens, Greece and the Head of the relevant Banking, Capital Markets and Finance Group of such firm for several years as well as the co-Head of Real Estate Group. In 2000 and for one year she worked at the legal department of the Athens Stock Exchange. Before that, she had worked with Zepos & Zepos law firm and earlier in the Legal Department of a pharmaceutical company, Sterling Winthorp Inc., New York, USA.

She has a Doctorate in Law (JSD) from New York University School of Law, New York, U.S.A. and her Doctoral thesis was on "Greek privatizations in International Perspective". She also has an LLM in International Legal Studies from New York University School of Law and Bachelor in Law from the Athens University, School of Law.

She teaches often in seminars about different capital markets issues and she is the author of a large number of articles in the newspapers and co- author of several legal publications.
Capital Markets Law Issues relating to New Technologies: Robo Advisory and Blockchain

Dr. Tessaromatis Nikos

Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School and EDHEC Risk institute
Dr. Tessaromatis NikosPrior to joining EDHEC Business School and the EDHEC Risk Institute as Professor of Finance, Dr Tessaromatis held senior positions in asset management in London and Athens. He was CEO and CIO of EDEKT Asset Management, Principal and Head of Research and Product Development at Gartmore Investment Management, Associate Director at Nat-West Investment Management and Senior Quantitative Analyst at Hermes Investment Management. A financial economist with interest and experience in applying modern portfolio theory to the management of institutional assets, his professional experience includes creation and management of quantitatively driven investment products, index fund management, portfolio risk management and advice on strategic asset allocation. He taught at Warwick Business School, ALBA Graduate Business School and the Yale School of Management-EDHEC-Risk Certificate in Risk and Investment Management.
“Factor investing – the next revolution in investment management”
Factor investing, the idea that systematic investment factors such as size, value, quality or momentum are the broad persistent drivers of return that underlie all asset classes, is grounded in years of academic research. Over the last 10 years smart betas and factor investing are changing the way portfolios are managed with many large and sophisticated investors adopting a factor-based framework. In parallel, for retail investors smart beta portfolios under the wrap of ETFs provide cheap and easy access to factor-based portfolios. The presentation discusses the benefits and opportunities that factor-based investing offers to both institutional and retail investors.

Frontistis Athanasios

Cryptocurrencies advisor, MSc in Finance, Pension Funds - Global Money Managers (GMM)
Frontistis AthanasiosAthanasios Frontistis is involved in developing Institutional investors and the Pension Funds market at GMM – Global Money Managers.

Also, he is part of a team which is in the process of establishing a legal entity Switzerland named “Cryptorizon” operating in the area of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The team consists of international business partners (Alexandre Poltrorak, Basel AL Akkad, Dirk Schaefer). Our initial workgroup is on Olanto Foundation’s / Machine Human Translation ICO project.

Prior has established a privately owned consultancy firm, PROFINANCE acting as financial and investments officer, with main activities been offered in financial and investment solutions in areas as: fintech & blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICOs and researching the application of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the financial industry, financial restructuring and planning, valuation services, investment & asset management.

In 2008 joined the KOSTA BODA ILLUM group as Chief Financial Officer with main duties involving the formulation and implementation on all aspects of financial management: Financial Reporting process, supervising and controlling of imports, logistics and accounting depts, treasury, and ALM management.

From 2000, joined the Phoenix-Metrolife Emporiki insurance company as an asset manager and later on moved to intra-group position as an asset manager in Credit Acricole Asset Management (Emporiki Asset Management). Investment management of Pension funds, insurance funds, and corporate funds). Member of the Asset Management Investment Committee.

Athanasios Frontistis holds an B.A in Business Studies from The Nottingham Trent University and an MSc in Finance from the University of Strathclyde. Currently, he is attending the MSc in digital Currencies from the University of Nicosia (Scholarship - Expected graduation Feb. 2019)
Cryptocurrencies: A powering innovation in the financial services industry
· What are cryptocurrencies

· Different types of Crypto - currencies

· KPIs ( crypto - Indicators)

· Crypto – Volatility and Asset Management

Goudinakos Stratos

Chief Investment Manager & Chairman ALCO
Goudinakos StratosStratos Goudinakos, a veteran floor trader, has been actively involved in Capital Markets and Finance, Banking/Investment Banking /Asset Management/Insurance for over 20 years.

Starting out at London's LIFFE as an options market maker/Director of Investments, he built and managed complex derivative portfolios (inter - intra volatility spread structures).

On his return to Greece he joined NBG Group, Head Derivatives & Proprietary Trading; managed the desks of market making, arbitrage and sales, set up an international prop desk and was also responsible for hedging the bank's bond book. He, consecutively, moved to NBG's asset management, as Chief Investment Officer.

In succession, he participated (partner) in the buyout of an investment company and its extensive restructuring; in addition, he developed and started up Ulysses Global Macro Hedge Fund which invested mainly in high grade markets on currencies, bonds, stocks, indices and commodities. Member of Investment Committees in Capital Management; moreover, managing own assets, trading in international derivative markets.

He also served at ATE Insurance - Ergo as Chief Risk Officer responsible for Solvency II requirements.

In addition, he sits in numerous Boards of Banks, Asset Managers and Insurance Sector Companies.

Currently, he is the Chairman of TEA EAPAE”s ALCO as well as the Investment Manager of the Fund. He is also the vice Chairman of ATEIR and a member of the Board at Epirus Co-Op Bank.

He holds a Diploma in Chemical Engineering of Patras University in Greece, a DBA from Cardiff Business School University of Wales, and an MBA from CASS Business School of City University; he also holds certificates from TEE, SFA and the HCMC in Market Making & Asset Management.
Coordinator of the forum

Tanzmeister Jakob

Executive Director, J.P. Morgan Multi Asset Investment Team
Tanzmeister JakobJakob Tanzmeister, executive director, is an investment specialist in the Multi-Asset Solutions team, based in London. An employee since 2007, Jakob previously worked in the Frankfurt Client Portfolio Management team, covering equity and balanced products for the German and Austrian market. Jakob obtained a Magister (University) Corporate Finance and International Business degree from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. He is also a CFA charter holder.
Multi Asset capabilities
In his presentation Jakob will give a behind the scenes look into J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s Multi-Asset Solutions capabilities. He will explore the challenges of late-cycle investing in a multi-asset context and look at the implications for investors. With increasing risks in changing markets and the potential for future returns in static portfolios to be significantly lower than in the past, investors may face a stark choice: Accept a lower level of return and stay static, or explore a broad range of assets more fully, seek new sources of diversification and embrace an active allocation approach.
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