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Why to Attend presents a forum that will bring together top minds and professionals within the wealth management and private banking sector to help you make the most of your wealth management decisions.

The forum will provide a comprehensive networking platform for businessmen, wealthy investors, professional investors & advisors and meanwhile it will deliver knowledge updates from leading industry professionals locally and abroad.

Some of the questions that participants will have the opportunity to answer and interact with the speakers of the panels are the following:

On the Wealth Management point of view:
  • Do high net worth individuals get the right investment plan?
  • What are the differences among private banking services offered by Greek banks and their foreign counterparts?
  • Are Greek Private Bankers and/or Wealth Managers skillful enough to provide adequate wealth management solutions?
  • How should Private Bankers manage effectively high net worth individuals' portfolios in the current risky environment?
  • Have Wealth Investor's scope/strategies been altered/adjusted in the difficulties and new opportunities of the current decade?
  • How should decisions be made in the financial investment process?
  • What structure and governance are appropriate for a family office?
  • Is it efficient for private wealth to maintain family offices in their businesses? What are the advantages and/or disadvantages?
  • How could wealthy investors monitor & evaluate their Private Bankers' services?
  • What should be the Compensation Policy & Incentives in order to Motivate Advisors

On the Investment Outlook-Macro point of view:
  • How important is the relationship between demographics and asset classes?
  • Who will buy the baby-boomers assets?
  • Is the aging population in the Developed Countries in relationship to the growing population in the Less Developed ones going to affect asset classes' valuation worldwide?
  • Does Fiscal Policy drive to a Debt Bubble?
  • Are we out of the Woods yet?
  • How important are the G8 splits over financial regulation issues?
  • Has the risk of a systemic crisis diminished or not?
  • Will the strength of emerging economies in combination with the low interest rates environment in the developed ones continue to drive liquidity to China?
  • How soon would the Fed raise interest rates to offset budgetary stimulus
  • Would and/or should ECB keep its rates low as investors force governments to cut spending?
  • Is it euros' devaluation good or bad for the Euro zone?

Diffusion and exchange of knowledge among high calibrate speakers will give you an insight about the current situation and the road ahead.
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